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You are a software engineer/developer/programmer, and you applied for a position. You got the call, and they want you to do a take-home assignment that will showcase your skills and the way you tackle problems.

If you want your assignment to stand out from all the other candidates, you got to the right place.

I’m Elia, and I’m a senior software engineer. Lately, I’m reviewing a lot of candidates and their assignments. I also interviewed for many places and submitted quite a lot of them myself. …

Create a useful reusable template that will save you time

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Recently I had a home assignment as a part of a job interview, and I was asked to create a REST API, I wanted to build a solid REST API with best practices and well-organized structure using sequlize as ORM with SQL database. so I ended up building this template I wanted to share with you.

Sometimes creating such apps requires a lot of configurations and different libraries. It was important for me to understand each stage and configuration and to be able to explain them to my interviewer in…

Elia Bar

Software Developer

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